Workshop in Göteborg?

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Workshop in Göteborg?

Inläggav Francois.Pettorelli » lör nov 10, 2018 19:01

hello all, (sorry I don't speak swedish well enough and my keyboard does not even have the special letters :oops:, you can answer in swedish or english as you prefer)
I am new in the corvette "tobe" community in Göteborg. I am reflecting to buy a C5 soon and need your help and local experience to ease the decision. I don't have a garage in which I can repair/renovate the car. maybe my question has been already been taken care of in another post. I am not familiar with car enthusiast world.
does it exist community garage, private workshop where we can repair our own car in the area?
do you have a list of friendly local professional who have the experience and knowledge of the C5 for repair and service?

thank you in advance for your answers,

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